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Birth of YFA and Inspiration :

YFA as on organization, was inspired by the selfless work of Baba Amte. During his National Tour with Youths in connection with the “Bharat Jodo” or “Knit India” movement, he showed overwhelming concern for the poor particularly women, children, degrading eco-system and its impact on health, income and livelihood patterns in the villages. In a series of sharing sessions with group of young men, he first mooted the idea of an organized team to put in efforts at the grassroots level searching for sustainable solutions to the problems. Thus YFA came into existence formally in the year 1986 initially consisting of Vadere Ramachandra Reddy, the first donor of land for the Bhoodhan movement VinobhaBhave, Shri.KanakaiahSashtry and Shri.E. VenkatRamnayya. YFA was registered under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Areas) Public Societies Registration, 1350 Fasli (Act of 1350F) Registration no: 1528 of 1986 dated 13th July, 1986.


YFA’s vision is to continuously focus on institutionalizing local governance, social justice and participatory collective action for sustainable development.


YFA continuously strive to promote large number of community led opportunities, promoting the cause of gender equality, governance, social justice and socio-economic development of the women, women farmers and their families. YFA provide its services at various levels through Networking and exploring the new avenues and best innovative practices to prevent Maternal/Child Mortalities, Communicable diseases and Non-Communicable diseases, Nutritional security of women and children, skills education to youth andspecific initiatives for mitigation and adaptation to address climate change.


Women, children, youth and under privileged sections of rural community remain its target groups. It has a rich experience in preventing Maternal/Child Mortalities, Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases and Anaemia amongst women and children. Awareness generation and community preparedness for climate induced disasters addressing women and children needs are the focus areas of YFA.

YFA Policy on Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment is forbidden by law and by a specific policy in YFA. Claims will be promptly investigated and resolved. All efforts will be taken to maintain confidentiality and information will be revealed only on a “need to know” basis.
YFA Policy on Child Protection
YFA commits to protect and save children through behavioural practices, attitude and support the environment that is considerate and in the best interest of the child particularly Girl children.


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We Partnered with

  • Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Govt. of India
  • CAPART, MORD-Govt. of India
  • NCRI, MHRD-Govt. of India
  • DST, Govt. of India.
  • SDC, Switzerland
  • Rockefeller Foundation, USA
  • Macarthur Foundation, USA
  • NORAD, Norway
  • European Union
  • Andheri Hilfe, Germany
  • DKA, Austria